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The Benefits of an Unapproved Share Option Scheme

Unapproved options sound like a scary prospect! But they don’t need to be. Options are only called ‘unapproved’ because they don’t fit into the EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) scheme. However they still have their place in high growth companies and can be an effective tool to attract, retain and reward...

Embargo Lifestyle

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Tyk Technologies

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The Forge Photographic Services


(Alumni) Cubitts

Picture perfect: How Barnes & Scott helped a post-production company save time and money by automating its accounts For The Forge Photographic Services, attention to detail is everything. The London-based, post-production company works its digital magic on advertising and editorial photo and film shoots. That could mean cleaning up dust...


Loveshark is an innovative UK based social augmented reality (an interactive experience of a real-world environment) games company, who describe themselves as “making camera games for Generation Z.” The company, founded by Tara Reddy and Sam Weekes in 2018, have been working with Barnes & Scott for over a year....

A Guide To EMI Share Schemes

The time and effort that it takes to find and hire employees can be significant for high growth technology businesses. However, holding onto workers is even harder. The job for life no longer exists, and increasingly the millennial workforce seeks to move around in their career or in many instances...

Taking on your first employee

Taking on your first employee can be daunting, but is a task that must be overcome for businesses that have the ambition to grow. Hiring employees will allow you to be able to focus on what you are best at, as opposed to being a generalist covering all areas of...

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