Zen Finance

Want to run your business in a zen-like way?

You want your business to be more streamlined, so that it’s easier for you to grow and adapt. It all starts with the finance system. It’s this, coupled with our advice, that can help you save money and make money.

It’s a blueprint for success, and it’s made up of four simple steps:


We use technology to help you

We give you access to software that makes your life easier, eliminating laborious tasks and automating your processes.

We set you up with two cloud-based software packages that we use ourselves – Xero and Receipt Bank.

The software is easy to operate, connects your accounts directly to us, and gives you a live view of your financials. It’s compatible with your smartphone and tablet, so you can access it from anywhere.

As a Xero Gold Partner we’re experts in using the software and receive regular training to keep ourselves updated. We will set up and customise Xero to suit your business and show you how to use it. If you need help, we’re always available.

With our help you are left free to concentrate on other, more important things – like increasing your profits and growing your business.

We have you covered from all angles


We’ll handle all your bookkeeping and accounting needs, including end-of-year accounts, Corporation Tax returns and VAT returns.


Many of our tech-start up clients are based in the UK but have global sales. We can handle all your UK and international tax needs, including VAT MOSS for sales of digital services to customers in the European Union. We’ll ensure that you comply with tax rules and pay the least amount of tax possible.


Running a payroll can be stressful and time consuming. Let us run it. We’ll check for any changes to staff or salary details before the monthly pay run, process the pay run, send each employee a digital payslip and notify HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in real time when the payment is made.

Year End

All companies must submit annual accounts to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) after the end of their financial year (you normally have nine months to do this). Let us take the stress out of this process. We’ll prepare and file your accounts, handle all the admin ‒ and any queries from HMRC.

"Hands down the best accounting firm that I have every worked with in London. My company would not exist today without them. These guys really go above and beyond and they keep getting better over time. Smart, Efficient and Reliable."
Thierry Sequeira, director of Massive Rocket
"We have been conducting business in 3 different countries and have experience with many different accountants. Working with Barnes & Scott was a dream come true! In addition to a really zen accounting experience they were actually proactively helping us generate additional funding for our business."
Zuzanna Kosowska-Stamirowska, Director
"I have been with Barnes & Scott since the beginning of becoming limited. They are a great team; who make the time to talk through the process of taxation and how I can grow and maintain my business. A very personal team of prompt, professional advisers for every facet of my business, with a wide range of knowledge. A very safe pair of hands for tax and business growth."
Sam Hofman
"I call Tas the CFO in my pocket. Barnes Scott has been super-helpful, and I have a lot of trust in his team. I love how the firm is very tech literate and automates as many finance tasks as possible."
Tara Louise Reddy
"Perhaps the most useful specialist support Barnes & Scott has given us is in managing a claim for R&D tax credits. Our company spends a lot of time and money on innovative research. The amount that can be claimed back is significant but claiming the credits can be time consuming and complicated. Barnes & Scott made it easy. They have also helped us with EMI share options, project managing the process from start to finish."
Adam Rainsford, Financial Director
"Barnes & Scott took all the stress and aggravation away when they set up our accounting systems. Their service is thorough and very reassuring. I would highly recommend their services."
Sarah Rowley, COO, VOTAL
"Tas and his team have helped us navigate setting up a new business and taken the fear that we would somehow get everything wrong out of it! We have been able to focus on the things we are expert in, knowing our finances and accounts are in safe hands. Highly recommended."
Ruth Barnes, Director
"I’m a paperworkaphobe. Trying to run a business obviously means there’s ton, especially when it comes to taxes. Tasnim and his team helped us set up on HMRC, Xero, and Receipt Bank, making everything from submitting our daily receipts to end of year taxes insanely easy. Oh, and they even helped us get £40,000 back from the government in “R&D” rebate, something I didn’t even know existed. We’ve now saved time and earned more than we spent on accounting. I call that worth it."
Nick Broad, Director
"We used to handle our book-keeping in-house and it became unmanageable. A friend recommended Barnes & Scott and we engaged with them to take over our accounts and book-keeping. The transition was completely seamless. Tas took the time to understand what we were doing and how they could take over with minimal disruption and finding optimisations along the way. We now save a couple of days of work each month and have complete peace of mind knowing that our accounts are all filed correctly. Whenever we need some specialist advice it’s easy to pick up the phone. I would thoroughly recommend Barnes & Scott as a great value, reliable and efficient solution to your accounting needs."
Jonny White, Director
"Barnes & Scott have helped Vivacity grow from a company of 5 people to 50 during their involvement over the past five years. By professionally handling our annual return, VAT returns and R&D tax credit reclaims, it has freed up valuable management time in the company to allow us to focus on the core business."
Peter Mildon, CEO

Let us guide your business on its journey from start-up to exit

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits
Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS & EIS)
Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share schemes
Reporting Global Sales
Become Investment Ready
Smart and Simple Cap Tables

A happy client using our Zen Finance Services

Tyk Technologies

We began working with Tyk Technologies in 2015 just after it had begun trading. The London-headquartered software company makes a free open-source API Gateway, which is used by thousands of organisations, including some of the world’s biggest brands and smartest start-ups. It was a small company but with big ambitions. It moved from bedroom start-up to VC-funded scaleup within about four years, raising £4m in a Series A from MMC Ventures. Tyk, which has offices in Singapore and Atlanta, now has a team of over 60 people. It’s one of the UK’s fastest growing “scale-ups”.
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