(Alumni) Cubitts:

The Modern Spectacle Maker

Founded in in 2013 from the kitchen table of a flat on Cubitt Street in London’s King’s Cross, Cubitts eyewear combines traditional methods with modern technology. The business, which provides glasses from £125 including free worldwide delivery, has grown fast thanks to its stylish frames and slick online-based sales model, including trying on glasses “virtually”. It now has 11 stores and about 70 employees.

‘Barnes & Scott helped us streamline our finances and attract investment’

Tom Broughton, Cubitts founder and CEO

“When we began working with Barnes & Scott, we were in post revenue and early start-up phase. We employed about four people and weren’t profitable. We were a very lean operation.

An acquittance in a shared workspace recommended Barnes & Scott to me. Our business was growing and at the stage where its finances had outgrown my capabilities, but we were too small for a traditional accounting firm.

Barnes & Scott helped us with the big financial things, like introducing systems, processes and ways of working to streamline our finances and save time.

Before Barnes & Scott we managed everything in Excel, which wasn’t ideal for a growing business. Barnes & Scott moved us to accounting and payroll software in the cloud and did things in a timely and efficient manager.

They saved us a lot of time and the financial data they provided was more accurate than previously. It freed my time up to help us focus on growing our business, including securing investment and produce management accounts, which helped us make better business decisions.

Barnes & Scott helped us get seed investment under SEIS [Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme]. We used the seed capital to scale our business over four years  till we were big enough to attract private equity investment. Barnes & Scott helped us stand on our own feet and become more self-sufficient. As we got bigger, we’ve built our own finance team. Barnes & Scott helped us in that journey.

I’d recommend Barnes & Scott to other fast-growing companies, especially those who are in that sweet spot of being a tech-native, modern business on a fast growth trajectory, and which is looking to raise funds.”

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