Our Story

We’re a tech-driven team redefining the way our customers do things.

We recognise that you’re innovators, and you’re inspiring others. And because of that, we understand what start-ups and tech businesses require from an accounting firm.

You’ve got big ideas in mind, and you need the right support to execute them. That’s why we’re here: To help you achieve amazing things like Magic Pony Technology (a former client of ours) once did.

The story behind Barnes & Scott

When we set up Barnes & Scott, we wanted to have a name that portrayed a sense of continuous growth.

What we noticed is the top 100 firms were mostly made up of two surnames. So, “Barnes” came to light because we thought it sounded elegant, and “Scott” was simply the name of someone we knew.

Even though we don’t have anyone called “Barnes” or “Scott”, we think the name and our brand elephant symbolises strength and power, which is what we’re always trying to bring to our clients!

Why choose us over any other accountant?


We’re the only chartered accountancy firm in this sector.


We can make your business look more attractive to investors.


We can help you ensure you pay the least amount of tax.

But enough about us! What about you?

We work best with business owners and businesses who:

Have revenues of up to £2m per year, or are pre-revenue.


Are run by an ambitious young team that will enjoy working with us.


Are ready to be educated and involved in their finances.


Are a small company working in the tech sector.


Have a clean accounting history from their previous accountant.


Are a start-up with all of these goals in mind!

``Tas and his team were a breath of fresh air, quickly becoming an established part of our business, and helping us get through that tricky phase.``

– Thomas Broughton, Director, Cubitts Group

How we work

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. From the tools we implement into your business, right down to how we operate ourselves. This means you can expect:

Fixed transparent fees

Our prices start at £350 per month and are designed to give you exactly what you want, as well as take care of your finances on a month-to-month basis.


London based remote working

We still have a co-working space in London, but we find working remotely allows us to be more efficient and serve you better.

Meet your team

Our process starts with you

We know the demands you’re facing and the drive you have to grow your business.

Take a look around and see how we can help. Or better yet, let’s have a chat about what support you need.

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