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Registering for VAT OSS (“One Stop Shop”)

VAT OSS, or the One Stop Shop, is a system designed for businesses engaging in Business to Consumer (B2C) sales within the EU. At Barnes & Scott, many of our clients, particularly those in the tech sector, are required to register. While digital services like software sales or SaaS products...
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The Benefits of an Unapproved Share Option Scheme

Unapproved options sound like a scary prospect! But they don’t need to be. Options are only called ‘unapproved’ because they don’t fit into the EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) scheme. However they still have their place in high growth companies and can be an effective tool to attract, retain and reward...
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Summary of proposed changes to R&D Tax Relief due in 2023

At the Budget in November 2021, the government announced a number of proposed changes to the Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) and the SME R&D tax relief schemes. The government has said the changes are designed to support modern R&D methods, to refocus its support on R&D activity happening...

A Guide To EMI Share Schemes

The time and effort that it takes to find and hire employees can be significant for high growth technology businesses. However, holding onto workers is even harder. The job for life no longer exists, and increasingly the millennial workforce seeks to move around in their career or in many instances...

Taking on your first employee

Taking on your first employee can be daunting, but is a task that must be overcome for businesses that have the ambition to grow. Hiring employees will allow you to be able to focus on what you are best at, as opposed to being a generalist covering all areas of...

R&D Tax Credits: How to claim them?

Research & Development (R&D) tax credits were first introduced in the UK in 2000 (for SMEs) and in 2002 for larger companies. The scheme is hugely popular (recent stats reveal that HMRC currently pays out £1.8bn of R&D tax credits to SMEs annually), due to being a generous and effective...

What Is Video Games Tax Relief?

Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) was introduced by the government in 2014, in recognition of the value it creates to the economy.  Data from HMRC released in 2018 shows that the scheme has paid out £230 million to claimants to date. The sector is worth around £3 bn to the economy...

The five stages of small business development

Back in 1983, the iconic Harvard Business Review published the five developmental stages that still apply to start-ups over 35 years later. Whether your company is launching a new app with minimal staff and infrastructure to consider, or a day-care nursery with over ten employees in a sprawling building, these...

Should I buy a Tesla?

This is a question I have been getting a lot from clients recently so I thought it would be worth looking at this in detail and mapping out some figures. The answer (as you would typically expect to receive from an accountant) is… MAYBE. Read below to find out more:

Don’t let Brexit distract you from Making Tax Digital

Two of the hottest topics for accountants in recent times have been Brexit and Making Tax Digital (MTD). Both have resulted in plenty of questions – and not a lot of answers. We’ve been asked quite often by our clients about the impact of Brexit on taxes – especially VAT. The truth is, we...

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